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Video Customized video marketing for charity organizations

Charity:up Video

Charity:up Video is a user-friendly marketing software that compiles video content to fit exactly: The tool shows those projects for which the respective recipient has already donated and which are close to his heart.


The video is not only an appeal, but also a thank you for the help provided so far. Charity:up Video appeals to the donor emotionally, giving him the impression of being on the spot. This creates closeness and commitment.


For example, when a school for girls is opened in Nigeria with the money collected to provide more equal opportunities and education, your donors look into the faces of the people they are helping. You hear them talk and laugh, recognize the joy in their eyes. Donors see firsthand what the school buildings look like and how they are equipped.


The software's technology also takes individual interests into account. If a donor has been particularly committed to endangered species in the world's oceans in the past, he or she is also shown video clips from corresponding aid projects. For example, when it comes to protecting dolphins from trawl nets or fishing drift waste from the oceans. Charity:up Video automatically combines the selected clips into an appealing overall video.

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